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pgrabia's Journal

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11 May
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I am an independent thinker, a mom of teen girls, a teacher, who loves to write. I've recently joined Fanfiction.com and write House M.D. fics. I am in love with Hugh Laurie and would love to have his babies but I don't think my husband would like that too much ;D.
In fact, my friends tell me that I am a female version of House--I have such thoughtful friends. Fortunately or unfortunately it's true. I am also kind, compassionate, loving, a perfectionist (of myself) and fiercely loyal to the chosen few I allow in my inner circle. I like to scrapbook but I'm not all that consistent with it. I believe in defending people's human rights and I question everything I read and see. I like to people watch and make nasty comments about strangers--but never to their face and not with people I actually know. I'm a believer in life-long learning and when I'm not studying or learning something I go crazy! You don't want to see me bored--it's not pretty. I like history but not dates, English but not all classics, science but not math. I am a Christian but not the kind unwilling to look at other's point of view and accept all people whether or not I agree with their religious, philosphical, political or lifestyle choices. My philosophy is that we all are sinners so love the sinner. In otherwords, love everyone! I like debating and wordplay, trivia and trivia games (I kick butt!), witty humor and deep, intelligent conversations.

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