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Have you ever posted stuff you later wish you hadn't?  That's me.  I've posted a lot of stuff I wish I hadn't but am unable to undo the damage.  To those I've offended, I'm sorry.  An apology doesn't seem to be enough but it's all I can do at this time.  Thanks.

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Looking for Prompts

I've been suffering from writer's block lately, mostly due to the way House M.D. ended with the Wilson cancer arc.  I'm asking people on my friends list to offer me prompts that are associated with the holiday season.  I will do my best to write something based on the prompts.  Some of the prompts may only end up as a drabble or haiku, but some might end up being a one shot or multi-chaptered fic.

So, go ahead and give me some real prompts and I'll see what I can do with them!
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A Question about the end of House MD.

I have a question open to anyone to answer so long as you are respectful...if you had been consulted on writing the end of the series, how would you have ended it?  Say there were no shows after "Body and Soul" and you were part of the writing would the series have ended?  Be as creative as you like.  I'm genuinely curious to know what you would have written.  Heck, if you want to answer this by writing a fic, that would be fine, too.

Looking forward to your answers!
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House M.D. Fan fiction: Substitute

Title:  Substitute
Author:  pgrabia
Disclaimer:  House M.D. and its characters do not belong to me.  I am only borrowing them for entertainment purposes only and I’m not making any money from this.
Genre:  angst
Characters/Pairing(s): J. Wilson, OMC
Word Count: 100 word drabble.
Spoilers/Warnings:  General spoilers for all seasons up to and including episode 8x22 “Everybody Dies”.
Rating:  T(PG-13)
A/N: Takes place shortly after the events in the finale.  A possible missing scene.

Unbetaed, sorry.

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Off to the Vet!

We just took our kitten in to the vet for a check up and to be vaccinated and dewormed.  The vet figures she's at least 12 weeks old and says we should wait another month before having her spayed.  She was seriously stressed out by being put in her carrier for the car ride.  Poor thing cried the entire way there and home.  The vet says she's in great health for having had such a rough start to life. Now she's still a little put out by the whole experience.  Can't say I blame her:)
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A Question about Cats

To all my friends who own cats,
How do I keep my kitten from trying to flip her food and water dish upside down on purpose?  She's realized she can do it and now she tries to flip it incessantly.  I've had to keep it on the counter and just put down periodically for her to eat or drink because I have hardwood floors that do not take well to perpetual puddles of water all over them.  It's become a real hassle.  If anyone has any idea, please comment below or PM me.

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My Thoughts: My Sick Nephew

My one year old nephew has been hospitalized with all of the classic symptoms of Kawasaki's Syndrome.  He was hospitalized previously and they gave him the standard treatment of high-dose aspirin and gamma globulin and he seemed to improve, but as soon as they got him home he relapsed, which means his case might be one of the more dangerous kind.  I read up on it and one treatment they use in resistant cases is plasmapheresis.  Poor little guy, he looks like he's feeling so miserable!  I just hope it hasn't permanently damaged his heart blood vessels.
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Title: "While You Were Gone...", Pt 8: A Bitstrip
Artist: pgrabia
 House MD and its characters does not belong to me so don't sue me 'cause I ain't making a bloody thing off of this!
Genre: Fan art, Bitstrip, Sick!Wilson (heartbreak), angst, romance.
Warnings/Spoilers: General for all seasons up to and including season eight.
Characters/Pairings: House, Wilson, Kelly (OMC)/ Wilson/OMC slash; House/Wilson pre slash.
Rating: PG-13 (T)
A/N: Part Three, following the original Bitstrip ( made for Camp Sick!Wilson 2012 Mod Writing Challenge "Turning Back the Hands of Time: Wilson's secretive life.

p.s. Ignore the numbering at the top of each strip if they conflict with the number in the post title as I made them out of order and am posting them here in their proper order.

Part 8 here...

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Pt. 6
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